Bainbridge Island - Day 6 - The full commute

Today was my first day of trying the commute in both directions. The morning commute was about the same as Wednesday commute, 94 minutes. I decided to walk down to the bus stop again since I still wasn't certain about the bus flagging 'rules.' While I was standing at the stop, someone else walked up on the other side of the intersection. I walked over to him and saw that he was reading a newspaper by flashlight. I asked him if he was waiting for the bus and he said he was. I asked him a few questions about flagging down the bus and he confirmed that you can flag it down anywhere along the route. We chatted a bit about the commute, our jobs, my BI experiment, and how long he's lived on BI. The bus came and the rest of the journey was uneventful.

For the trip home, I left work at 4pm and got on the shuttle parked outside my building. It left at 4:05 and stopped at another building before dropping us off at the Marion and Western at 4:25. I climbed the stairs to the foot bridge and joined the crowd marching into the ferry terminal. The view was spectacular from up there, looking out across Elliot Bay to the snow-capped Olympic Mountains. I also saw the ferry still on its way in toward Seattle. The terminal had a few concession stands and shops including a wine bar called Commuter Comforts. As I walked by, I peeked in to the bar to see what beers they had. Nothing stood out, but at least they weren't all domestics... I walked up to the gate and read my book while I waited. The ferry was scheduled to leave at 4:40 but it left late.

When the ferry docked at BI, I got off and walked to my bus. When I got on, I asked the driver how to signal for my stop (since there are no actual stops). He said that I hit the stop button and he'll generally stop at the next intersection. I could tell this wasn't quite an exact science. When we were finally one intersection away from my street, I hit the button. I got off the bus, and the bus lights combined with the headlights of an oncoming car helped me see that I was a few houses down from our place. But the bus pulled away and the car passed, and again I found myself unexpectedly in utter darkness. My life experiences have definitely not prepared me for hanging out on unlit forest roads! I fumbled through the darkness to pull out the lantern from my backpack and walked home. It was 5:55pm when I walked through the door... nearly 2 hours to get home. Too long...

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