Bainbridge Island - Day 5

Kara had a minor surgery scheduled for the morning, so we spent the previous night in Seattle. I stayed home from work and watched the kids in the morning, and then we picked up Kara from the hospital when she was done. We went home to pack for our return to Bainbridge Island then we then piled into the car and drove over to Colman Dock to catch the 3pm ferry.

Kara was pretty out of it from the lingering anesthesia and pain meds, so we decided to just stay in once we got to BI. I offered to cook dinner and let Kara pick out the meal. She chose ham steak with cider gravy with glazed carrots on the side.

I drove to Safeway to get the ingredients... It took 10 minutes to get there... we live too far from the grocery store. I grabbed the food and checked out. The checker and the woman behind me in line knew each other. We all joked around a bit... grocery store humor.

There's more friendly chatting going on here in BI than I've seen anywhere else I've lived. At first I wondered if it was because people have just decided to be friendly here? But now I'm starting to think that it's because the population is so small that you end up running into the same people over and over. Maybe it's more worthwhile to strike up a random conversation with the person next to you when chances are good that you'll see the person again sometime.

Dinner was good.

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