Bainbridge Island - Day 3 - New Year's Day

This morning the sun was shining! Since it hadn't rained for the last few days, I figured the playground equipment at Battle Point Park would be mostly dry. We headed over there and WOW that playground is incredible. It's a huge connected wood structure that is themed around the Bainbridge Island area; lots of art and fun shapes and structures. I was really impressed and the kids LOVED it.

For lunch we went in to Winslow and looked for open restaurants. The Mexican restaurant, Isla Bonita, was open, so... sure! Lunch was good but kinda expensive. After lunch we were planning on driving somewhere to explore more, but Jessica really wanted to walk rather than drive. So, we let her guide us through Winslow, going wherever she wanted to go. Almost everything was closed since it was New Year's Day, but it was still fun to have her choose where to go. While walking, I grabbed a copy of a free Bainbridge Island newspaper.

When we got back in the car, Kara started driving while I read the newspaper. I read an article about the new hilltop trail added to the Grand Forest Park. We hadn't been there yet, so we decided to check it out. We went to the parking area for Grand Forest West and hiked the main loop. It was so beautiful there; huge trees, ferns, multiple bridges crossing a creek, friendly hikers on the trail. At one point, Kara turned to me and asked "ok, so when are we moving here?" Yeah... our stay so far has been idyllic and I'm thinking the exact same thing. But tomorrow is the real world. I have to get up at 6am so that I can catch a bus to the ferry to the shuttle so that I can get into work at 8am. Is it worth it? We'll see...

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