A delicious dinner... ruined

I wanted to cook a dinner last night but our favorite cookbook is on Bainbridge Island. So I poked around online and found a recipe for Quick Chicken Fricassee from America's Test Kitchen that sounded good. I tried to print it, but our printer refused to print because it's "out of ink." So I emailed the recipe to myself and planned to read it on my Kindle Fire.

When going through the ingredients to make a shopping list, I saw that it called for freshly grated nutmeg. I've never grated nutmeg before; I didn't know you could buy them whole. So, I started looking around online trying to figure out how much ground nutmeg is equivalent to a grated nutmeg. Yahoo Answers told me that one grated nutmeg is equivalent to 2 - 3 teaspoons of ground nutmeg. Ok, if I couldn't find a whole nutmeg at the store, I could substitute the ground nutmeg that we already have.

I ran to the store and picked up all the ingredients including whole nutmeg (it cost 21 cents). When I got home, I grated it up in prep for the final step where I was to add it to the sauce. I cooked up the meal, following the recipe from my Fire. However, gmail was kind of annoying because it wouldn't let me see the whole recipe at once (it did a preview pane kind of view). So, I had to scroll up and down between the ingredients and directions sections... not ideal.

The final step came, add lemon juice and nutmeg so I did. We dished up and sat down to eat. It didn't taste too great... WAAAY too much nutmeg. I was confused... why would the recipe call for so much freshly grated nutmeg if it tastes so strong? We ate the dinner and I could tell, under the nutmeg, that the rest of the flavors would have been good.

After dinner, I looked at the recipe to see if I could figure out what I did wrong. The recipe called for 1/2 teaspoon of freshly grated nutmeg but I put in the whole thing! Technology did this to me! Yahoo Answers info got me confused on quantity. My printer wouldn't let me print the recipe. The gmail site on my Kindle Fire didn't let me display the whole recipe on the screen. I suspect that if I were able to view the whole recipe in one glance, I would have caught my quantity mistake sometime before it was too late.

Ah well, I learned about whole nutmeg...

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