Bainbridge Island - Day 2 - New Year's Eve

Got up and had cereal for breakfast. The house has a coffee maker and Folgers in the fridge. Beggars can't be choosers, so I brewed up a pot. It was terrible... I dumped the pot and announced that we needed to try out a local coffee shop. We decided on Pegasus Coffee, so we bundled up and drove over there. I got an Americano, Kara got a hot chocolate, and we bought a giant chocolate chip cookie to all share. We snagged a comfy spot on the couch and enjoyed our drinks and snack while I read the kids a couple of Thomas the Tank Engine stories.

After we finished our drinks (and cookie!) we left and walked a part of the Waterfront Trail. Walking along the water with the family was very nice. At one point we looked inland and saw a big blue boat in a clearing. We went to investigate and discovered that it was a boat shaped stage. The kids had fun running around it for a bit. We continued down the trail and came to a bridge over an inlet of the sound. It's weird looking at what looks like a forest creek, but seeing clamshells and barnacles in the water! At some point we turned up to Winslow and walked back to our car through town. On the way we decided to stop at Town and Country Market to buy supplies to make epic sandwiches for lunch.

Town and Country Market is a blast-from-the-past supermarket that reminds me a lot of Zim's from my childhood. It's crowded and crammed but it's a super friendly place. It seems like people choose to go there (rather than the more spacious Safeway up the street), favoring a close-up experience of the community over a quick and efficient shopping experience; grocery shopping with soul. While there I overheard a woman tell her daughter that she was getting chocolate fondue for New Year's Eve. As I continued shopping I realized that that sounded like a fun idea for our family. So, I went back to where the woman was standing when I heard her, and found the chocolate fondue. Example one of the benefits of a crammed shopping experience.

After we finished shopping, we walked back to our car and then headed home. When we got home we made uber-sandwiches for lunch. I had the works: smoked turkey, honey ham, mayo, cranberry sauce, romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, and sprouts. After lunch was coma time where we sat around, played, and digested. We had random leftovers for dinner (I didn't have anything since I was still stuffed from my monster sandwich). Then we melted the chocolate fondue and cut up strawberries and bananas. The kids really enjoyed it (well, so did Kara and I). I think we'll make that a family tradition for New Year's Eve, it was a lot of fun!

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