Bainbridge Island - Day 1

We spent the morning packing up for our Bainbridge Island house and then took the 12:20 ferry from Seattle. We arrived at the house around 1pm, but the owner said he was still cleaning the place and needed another half hour. We drove over to Fay Bainbridge Park to kill some time. The kids played on the playground a bit, but it was wet so they didn't do that for long. We walked out to the water and did some beach combing. We found a nice clamshell but didn't keep it. Miles kept handing me rocks and asking me to throw them in the water. After 30 minutes had past, we were all pretty cold, so we went back to the house. It was ready for us, so we paid up, signed the contract, and unloaded the car.

After unpacking, we drove out to Poulsbo to visit the aquarium. It's pretty small, but it's free and nicely run. We hung out there for a while playing, coloring, watching a movie. Kara and I were feeling hungry, so we left and walked over to Sluys' Bakery. It smelled delicious inside! Kara got a cinnamon roll, I got a date-filled bear claw. We found an alcove down the street and stopped to eat our treats. The kids liked Kara's more than mine, so I got mine mostly to myself! It was really tasty, I want another one!

We had a few items that we needed to buy for the second house, so we ran over to the Poulsbo Walmart to check out the big-box shopping options that are near Bainbridge Island. We planned to only get a few toiletries and home items, but ended up buying a bunch of groceries as well. I was amazed at how low the grocery prices were for name brand stuff. I know that we're all supposed to hate Walmart and everything, but man those prices were crazy good!

After Walmart we went over to Central Market, an AMAZING market in Poulsbo. We had been there once before over the summer when we spent a weekend in Port Ludlow. Tons of fresh produce, seafood, baked goods, etc. Though we bought most of our groceries at Walmart, we waited to get our produce and meat from Central Market. I was going to pick up some mussels for dinner, but I didn't find them in the tanks where the rest of the bivalves were. The friendly fishmonger told us that mussels aren't kept in the tanks because they spawn like mad which messes up the tanks. Ok, gross but interesting. While telling us about it, he picked out our mussels and inspected each one to make sure they were closed before adding them to the bag. After reaching our requested two pounds, he printed the sticker and then threw a few more in the bag. Nice!

When we got home I cooked the mussels in a white wine cream broth. It was delicious! I haven't had mussels much before, but I really enjoyed how mild the taste was. We had lots of bread on hand for dipping in the tasty broth. The kids didn't really like the mussels, but did like the bread and broth.

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