It's a rare moment when I get to spend time playing video games these days. But in the gaming drought that is fatherhood, I've stumbled across one of the best games of all times!

Moments of pure gaming perfection only come along every long once in a while. I can count my list of games on one hand: Super Mario Bros, Megaman 2, Castlevania: SOTN, Ico, Portal. Whelp, it's time to grow an extra finger or start counting on the other hand for a little game called Super Meat Boy. The game is a retro 2D platformer and it is absolute perfection. Nice simple graphics, tight controls, gameplay that is VERY challenging but rarely frustrating, and killer music. Throw in ultra-retro warp worlds, time and pickup challenges, funny cutscenes, bite-sized levels, and an ingenious replay mechanism, and OMG do I even have to finish this sentence? Seriously, why am I typing this when I could be playing?

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