Open letter to MOG

I recently purchased some Sonos speakers which put me in the market for a music streaming service. I tried MOG and Rhapsody and decided in favor of Rhapsody. When I canceled my service with MOG, I sent them an email explaining why I canceled. Below is the email for anyone else out there trying to make the same decision:
I tried out Rhapsody and MOG for a month each. I decided to go with Rhapsody, but I figured I'd give you my feedback on why, since I mostly liked your service, and would consider switching back if things got better.

I'm primarily interested in a streaming service for my new Sonos system. Accessing the service on my mobile device wasn't something I cared too much about, but I figured I'd try it out and see if I really liked it.

Streaming to the Sonos system was good, I don't recall any big hiccups. However, I found that the Rhapsody menu on Sonos Android app was much more to my liking. I recognize that they've been on Sonos longer, so I can imagine that their menus are better because they've had a longer time to develop it. But, here's why I liked it better:

1) The biggest thing I missed when moving from Rhapsody to MOG was being able to browse by Genres and Subgenres. The beauty of these services is it enables me to explore music. For me, that is best done by drilling down to a specific subgenre and then exploring the artists there. Rhapsody on Sonos is great for this. Adding just genres wouldn't be enough; Rhapsody does sub and sub sub genres, which is fantastic.

2) Rhapsody offers artist information which is helpful when exploring a "new to me" artist. There are also album reviews which are pretty useful as well. I didn't see either of these in the MOG menus.

3) Minor, but Rhapsody has the "favorites" broken down by artist/album/genre right on the top level menu. Your menu has them one level down, which is kind of annoying because it takes an extra click to get to the music I want.

4) I found it easier with Rhapsody to navigate around in "explore" mode. I could get from an album listing to the artist page and then from there I could see similar artists and hop around further. I missed this when trying out MOG.

Ok, so here's the other big thing that caused me to switch over... I didn't have a great experience using MOG on my Android phone. Like I said, this wasn't a need of mine, but if I'm paying for it I want it to be good. I have a 4G phone that gets good reception, but the MOG app would often get stuck in limbo trying to start a song. When this would happen, I couldn't actually stop the song, it'd just get stuck. I'd also see annoying behavior where I'd start an album or radio but it would instead start playing the song in the queue that I was listening to in my last session. The experience was frustrating. Now, I never tried the Rhapsody app, so I'm not comparing yours to theirs. I have no idea how good/bad their app is. But here's why, since mobile streaming service wasn't a 'need' of mine, I was perfectly happy getting Rhapsody's $5/mo basic plan which only offers Sonos & PC streaming. Your mobile experience didn't convince me that I needed a streaming service on my phone, so I'm foregoing it for a $5/month savings. This is kind of a big deal for me. Service companies these days (phone & cable companies) seem to only offer bundle deals which require us to pay for a set of features (some of which we don't care about) instead of letting us pay ala carte for the features we want. So annoying! The fact that Rhapsody offered a reduced price for the exact service I wanted made it much more attractive than your $10/mo plan which added in sub-par service (at least in my experience) for my phone.

So, here's what I REALLY liked about MOG. Your infinite radio feature on the phone and PC is absolutely genius! At first I didn't quite "get it" but as soon as I actually experienced it, I discovered it to be one of those wonderful features that you always wanted/needed but didn't realize it. Being able to pick an album to listen to, but have similar music continue after the album ends is so perfect! Sometimes I'm available to pick the next thing to listen to, but when I'm not, it is great to have similar music continue to play rather than it going to "dead air." The slider for controlling how many similar artists to play is also great and very intuitive. Once I discovered these features on the computer, I was VERY disappointed that neither were available on Sonos.

Ok wow, this is a ridiculously long email... But, hey, I have that "good will" feeling toward you guys and wanted to give you my Pepsi challenge feedback rather than just silently cancel my service. Keep improving (and offer a cheaper home streaming option) and I can imagine trying you guys out again.

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