Here's a joke I wrote for my friend Billy. I suppose I should email it to him, but instead I'll post it on my blog (which will automatically show up on my Facebook wall) and assume that he'll eventually see it...

Two guys, Billy and Jake, are getting ready in a locker room after a workout at the gym. Jake pulls a pink plastic container out of his bag, pops out a little pill and swallows it. Billy asks "Hey, what was that?" Jake says "Oh, it was a birth control pill" as he puts the container back into his bag. Billy looks surprised and a little disturbed and says "What the heck, a birth control pill? But, you can't get pregnant!" Jake turns back with a small smile on his face and says "exactly."


...and why aren't we connected on facebook? ;)

If only there were a way to tell whether it was the pill or your lack of a uterus that was preventing impregnation. Although, to be fair, I haven't checked to see if you have a uterus. A doctor visit is in order!

I explained the head-n-shoulders reference to Jacqui in Mexico and she laughed. I think she was just humoring me, though. :-(

Jake: Jokes aren't funny when you have to explain them.
Billy: But I just explained this joke.
Jake: Not really.

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