Movin' West

We found an apartment! No thanks to the woman that is "helping" us... I told her that we needed to find a place with no lease, and then she provided us with a list of apartments that all required a lease. We saw two of them yesterday, and then called ahead to the rest and cancelled our appointments when they told us they would not rent month-to-month.

When we got back to our place, I searched craigslist for month-to-month rentals and found a few. We ended up going to see a place in West Seattle and basically decided to take it on the spot. The bus commute is about 30 minutes and it's got a decent walk score, so that's nice. It's kind of dated inside, but we'll probably only be there for a few months, so it should be fine. The toilet, sink and tub are pink, so that's awesome!

Anyway, I figured this would be a good chance to try out West Seattle because we've considered buying a house over there. Here's where our place is, we'll be moving in by the end of the month, so come visit!


Your back in the Seattle Area again?
Haven't we already been down that road?

This is really going to make things hard when I want to hang with you and Billy on friday nights.

You didnt even get my persmission before you bailed..
How could you??
Haha, naaaaah, its cool dude but you will come back soon to have a Billy and Tony friday night bash wont you?

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